Forex traders face various difficulties to reach their goals. To get success, they need to overcome the barriers. However, during the trading, because of the emotional complexities, many traders face a big loss. The majority of them fail to identify their emotional factors. Actually, in the virtual field, they don’t get to know about the emotional factors as they don’t need to use real money. But, in the real market, they surprisingly know about their emotional factors and thus they fail to deal with them. However, as the pro traders have enough experience, they can easily deal with their emotions. But, newbies face huge problems.

So, in this post, we will demonstrate the five emotional factors that traders face during trading. So, being a trader, if you want to become identify your emotional factors and tackle them properly, you should read the article with full concentration.


Most of the time, due to fear, traders fail to take the right action. They can’t execute the trade properly. Sometimes, they fail to use the plan. Because they think, they might make mistakes. However, because of the lack of confidence, traders can’t decide at the right time. Bear in mind, being a trader, if you might not think, you are capable of facing the winning streak, you might feel fear to take any steps. That’s why you might not get the benefits from the market.

To reduce the fear, you should try to sharpen your skills so that you can get the confidence for performing properly. Remember, if you backtest the strategy properly, you might not feel confused to use your plan. As a result, you might able to reduce your fear and can achieve success. However, try to use the demo account properly which will aid you to solve your problems. Be brave and visit the site of Saxo. Download their demo platform and overcome your fear. Never think you will become a master within a week. Take your time and slowly improve your skills.


Sometimes, traders become angry and take the insane decision. Bear in mind, to make profits, you have to control your anger. Or else, you can’t make the right decision. To reduce anger, it’s important to do work according to the plan. Because, the plan will let you take your actions properly, As a result, you might not make any major mistakes. So, you won’t be angry. Most of the time, this is seen, if the traders can’t handle the situation, they start to take the wrong decision.


Many traders become overconfident and start to think they will never face loss. But, being a trader, you need to understand, you can’t predict what would be happened in the market. So, you should not be overconfident. Confidentiality is important for ensuring success. But, if you become overconfident, you might face the worst scenarios. So, try to act confidently and strategically for making money. Many traders after making a lot of money face severe loss because of their overconfident. Remember, you can’t avoid the loss. So, it would good for you to accept it.


Frustration is highly responsible for the big failure of the traders. If the traders become frustrated, they will start to take the wrong steps. For this reason, they can’t get success. Because of facing the major loss in the market, traders become frustrated. Sometimes, they tried a lot but fail to face the winning streak. For this reason, they become frustrated and thus start revenge trading. Bear in mind, as a retail trader, if you start revenge trading, you might face a big failure. So, do some mental exercises which will aid you to reduce frustration.

So, after reading this article, you may understand what you need to do to deal with your emotions. So, firstly, find out what sort of emotional complexities you face and take the necessary steps.

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