Construction is a highly competitive industry. Firms look to secure contracts for their team of workers, through having a good reputation. Finding ways to be one step ahead of competitors is vital in winning bids and ensuring that a profit can still be made.

Obviously, the standard of work will be crucial in gaining a positive name in the trade. Finding the right team is important, but so is supplying them with the best possible tools to carry out a job, such as Conplant construction equipment which is guaranteed to provide the best solution every time.

  • Having the flexibility to either hire or buy can be invaluable and dependent on cash flow situations. Using the Australian Hire Company of the Year in 2022 ensures the very best levels of customer service and a wide range of equipment to choose from, which includes partnerships with all the big names in the industry. This means that parts can be sourced quickly and ensures no major delays on any projects.
  • The website allows quotes to be offered online, saving time, and allowing the process to be put in motion so that work can start. There is the widest choice of compaction equipment available across the whole of Australia, with nobody needing to miss out, as deliveries are made nationwide. The industry-famous Wacker Neuson heavy compaction equipment is exclusively distributed by Conplant, a company with a knowledgeable and skilled team waiting to assist and provide expertise.
  • Safety is paramount, knowing that their customers’ protection is integral to their business. The best safety practices are always employed, as a business-wide framework is used to identify risks. Any potential issues are reduced by the implementation of a fleet-wide safety and compliance program. The environment is also taken seriously, as the company continues to meet sustainability objectives and compliance.
  • Such measures as an installed rollover preventative system offer added safety, as does the intelligent integrated collision avoidance system fitted on many pieces of machinery. Both also add to the speed at which tasks can be completed as there is no downtime as accidents are avoided, which also adds morale to those in control of the equipment.
  • A safe revolutionary remote-control system is effective in allowing a roller to operate as manned or remotely by the simple switch of a key. The company has teamed up in partnership with New South Wales University to engineer an edge control system, reducing any danger and delivering more effective completed work.
  • Terms of hire are flexible while solutions are available to fleet managers wanting to obtain equipment through standard hire purchases, finance leases or chattel mortgages. Parts and services are readily available, with the company also involved in a long-standing partnership that will assist any firm in meeting their Indigenous Procurement targets.

Whether requiring renting or buying, the team at Conplant will deliver a smile to the faces of any fleet manager and his bosses when providing the highest standard of equipment including outstanding safety features that will manage any task.

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