There are a lot of builders out there right now who have lost out on lucrative government contracts and other large contracts because they didn’t have one piece of important equipment. I am of course talking about a crane and it is the difference between being able to compete with other building contractors and being able to put in your tender with confidence. Due to the fact that there is less space currently available, businesses are going further up than out and so tall buildings have become the norm. In order to construct such buildings, a building contractor needs to be able to move large pieces of building equipment like metal girders and if they don’t have a crane, then they don’t get to do these kinds of jobs.

You may ask, why don’t they just buy a crane and the answer would be that they are incredibly expensive and there is a lot of maintenance and ongoing servicing that is required to make sure that they are fully functional. It makes a lot more sense to deal with a company that offers same day and affordable crane hire in Perth WA and so they do all of the hard work so you don’t have to. It makes so much financial sense to rent rather than buy and the following are some of the benefits of doing so.

  1. It definitely saves time – When you think of the amount of building products that there will be on any large construction site and you think about the number of people that you would need to move it from one part of the building site to another, it amounts to an incredible amount of time wasted just moving things from a to b. Life can be so much easier if there was a crane on site that was able to move everything all at once in one fowl swoop. It saves an incredible amount of time and it is of course saving you money at the same time.
  2. It definitely saves money – When you think about the cost of purchasing a crane, you’re looking at almost $250,000 for a basic one and it second-hand as well. This is a lot of money sitting idle when you don’t need it and so it is money tied up in something that you could be spending more productively on something else. This is why it makes perfect financial sense to rent a crane for the day or longer and then set this cost when you submit your tender for any job. Essentially the crane will be paying for itself in no time at all and it allows you to take on much bigger jobs as well.

If you do decide that you want to rent a crane for your next big job then it is a very easy and straightforward thing to do. Once you figure out the kind of crane that you need for the job, they will gladly deliver it to your site and take it away when you’re finished.

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